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Komyunity Mobile Workforce Engagement is a native, fully secured mobile app that can provide your employees and managers with the core benefits of Genesys Workforce Management. It’s a practical (mobile) solution designed to meet the needs and expectations of today’s evolving and challenging workforce.  BrightContact is the Workforce Optimization Expert partner for Komyunity

Genesys develops cloud-based and on-premises contact center software. BrightContact is a reseller and service provider of these key company products such as Intelligent Voice Response system and Call Center Modernization software, like Intelligent Workflow Distribution. Genesys is also known for its Workforce Optimization suite, an integrated workforce management system. Together with BrightContact, Genesys helps its customers to implement new and expand existing Genesys solutions.

NICE has been the recognized leader in these fields, providing solutions which turn both structured and unstructured data into valuable and actionable information. NICE success started by capturing interactions and our expertise has evolved into applying analytics on these interactions. BrightContact is a reseller and service provider of key NICE solutions, such as Robotic Process Automation , Workforce Optimization, Interaction Analytics, Fraud Detection and Fraud Prevention solutions and Employee Engagement solutions.

Nice - BrightContact

Verint Systems Inc. is a global leader in Actionable Intelligence® solutions. Actionable Intelligence is a necessity in a dynamic world of massive information growth because it empowers organizations with crucial insights and enables decision makers to anticipate, respond, and take action. With Verint solutions and value-added services, organizations of all sizes and across many industries can make more informed, timely, and effective decisions. Verint have developed domain expertise and market leadership in the areas of Customer Engagement and Cyber Intelligence.Together with Brightcontact and Komyunity customers will get enhance employee engagement capabilities.

Verient - BrightContact

Lightico is a real-time digital collaboration platform that enables contact center agents to accelerate sales transactions and service requests.With Lightico, agents can have customers complete forms, digitally sign documents, collect documents/ID, share images and videos, and process payments via a secure SMS enabled collaboration session. Lightico brings key digital tools into any Omni-channel touch point, so that businesses can better serve its customers and earn more revenue immediately, completely, securely, and in compliance.

Lightico - BrightContact

Nuance provides speech and digital imaging software, including speech recognition systems provided to customer service. BrightContact is a reseller of Nuance software and is primary supporting Nuance in  positioning and implementing its voice biometrics solution to prevent fraud within the call center and services domain. It serves clients worldwide in a range of industries, including financial services, government, healthcare, and telecommunications.

VeridiumID is the global leader in mobile biometrics authentication, protecting the identity and data of customers and enterprises all from the palm of their hands. BrightContact offers Veridium’s biometric and “traditional” 2-factor authentication solutions. VeridiumID is based on the IEEE 2410 Biometrics Open Protocol Standard – the first global standard for the biometric authentication of digital transactions, physical access, Active Directory, and any other instances where true authentication is needed.

Pindrop Security’s solutions are capable of monitoring and analyzing any phone number or phone call in the customer’s  telecommunications environment. Pindrop solutions can be deployed to protect enterprises for fraud atemps before, during and after the call, for both inbound and outbound calls and for live, recorded calls or IVR calls. BrightContact is a reseller and service provider of key Pindrop solutions, such as the Fraud Detection System (FDS) and Phone Reputation System (PRS) to scan already identified fraudsters easily.

Cyara provides customers an easy and automated way to completely test the customer experience across the primary channels of customer interaction. The Cyara Platform is designed to handle immediate project or application testing needs, and to enable customers to rapidly react on agile business. BrightContact is a reseller and service provider of key Cyara solutions such as IVR testing, voice biometrics testing, web interaction testing and outbound call testing.