Who’s Integrating Your Integrator?

Who’s Integrating Your Integrator? - BrightContact

 Who’s Integrating Your Integrator?

Systems Integrators are critical to delivering your Contact Centre project, but how do you assure the outcomes you are looking for?

If the answer to one or more of these questions is “yes” then it is likely that you will be seeking to engage an experienced and competent systems integrator to deliver your desired outcomes.

Unfortunately, traditional procurement approaches are blunt objects when it comes to defining and agreeing project outcomes. Poorly researched and poorly defined requirements, vague bid responses and rushed evaluations can lead to misaligned or even conflicting objectives between you and your Systems Integrator.

Without solid foundations in place, it can be challenging to reach contractual agreement with your systems integrator leading to potential delays project initiation and making accurate delivery planning a minefield.

Furthermore, the forecast return on investment and improvements in customer and user experience can be pushed further down the delivery stack, with focus on simply getting a service stood up and users migrated.

But all is not lost …

Through the BrightContact Transformation Management Methodology, BrightContact can Integrate Your Integrator!

21 June 2019

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