That is what can be done with NICE CXone!

At BrightContact, we assist organizations in designing, architecting, and implementing the transition of their contact center to the cloud while prioritizing customer, employee, and brand experiences.

Many brands believe that providing a consumer experience that caters to the consumer’s needs during events, such as researching a product or service and resolving service issues, is sufficient. Historically, directing voice calls to an agent was enough. However, in order to scale, IVRs for self-service and chats were added to meet digital requirements. As different channels like email, web self-service, and ineffective FAQ bots came into play, the evolution continued.

With brands focusing on digital transformation, next-gen channels such as search engines, in-app messaging, Apple Business Chat, and others are becoming more important than ever. While this somewhat addresses the consumer experience, it largely ignores what the agent’s requirements are. To provide an optimal customer experience, agents require fair evaluations, flexible scheduling, the right answers to problems, and effective tools.

To address these requirements, a wide array of point solutions, ranging from case management systems to generic AIs and CRMs, were loosely brought together. However, this resulted in a disjointed and loosely tied together stack of technologies and professional services that we refer to as the Frankenstack. While no brand set out to build this, it is the result of point decisions and solutions.

What brands needed and were in search of was a solution that could work across all categories in one unified platform. This is where NICE CXone comes in. With NICE CXone, brands can meet the consumer’s needs event, intelligently route consumers to the right resource, provide intelligent virtual agents for smart self-service, empower human agents with effective tools when needed, and administer and analyze every aspect with complete performance.

In the next series of posts, we’ll dive deeper into the capabilities of each area. We’ll also discuss how artificial intelligence will help organizations provide better consumer and employee experiences while ensuring the entire organization is committed to delivering the desired brand experience.

22 March 2023

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