Yource Selects BrightContact to implement NICE Workforce Management (WFM)

Yource Selects BrightContact to implement NICE Workforce Management (WFM)

NICE Workforce Management (WFM) has been selected by Yource (BPO) to improve efficiency and empower increased employee performance. Yource, a leading omnichannel and multilingual contact center services provider in the Benelux, will also leverage NICE’s WFM solution to generate and allow employees to select schedules suited to their needs, enhancing employee engagement and driving higher levels of service to customers.


The AI-driven capabilities will help Yource increase productivity, customer retention and reduce the cost for their clients. In an age where digital solutions are the need of the hour, this is a step in the right direction.


NICE WFM’s AI-based smart forecasting capabilities precisely predict volumes and demand depending on the historical data of the customer. This enables Yource to meet their customer’s workforce needs in terms of quantity and skill set. Using machine learning, the NICE solution generates schedules that positively impact attrition and shrinkage while taking into account employee availability and personal preferences. The solution also allows employees to suggest scheduling preferences such as break durations and working hours. With increased forecasting accuracy and intelligent scheduling, NICE WFM improves efficiency, employee engagement, quality of service and customer loyalty while reducing overall costs for Yource and its customers.


BrightContact is pleased to be a part of Yource’s innovation-driven journey to help meet Yource’sbusiness success goals and shape long term strategic objectives with the support of empowering the NICE WFM solution.


About Yource

Yource is a leading provider of customer contact services in the Benelux completed with near- and offshoring facilities within and outside Europe. Yource offers a unique fulfillment of customer contact services through outsourcing, insourcing and staffing services. Yource is based in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Morocco, Suriname and Spain where we offer customer contact in 9 different languages. Their organization is ambitious, flexible, energetic and people driven. This with 12.000 Yource members they empower organizations to stay a step ahead in customer contact.

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